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About our Club

Alameda Youth Sports (AYS) is an organization of volunteers working under the umbrella of Altitude Baseball operating under an alliance agreement with Rocky Mountain Junior Baseball League (RMJBL). The Board of Directors, coaches, and other assistants of AYS will work in collaboration with the community to provide the local area youth an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of baseball. Instilling: discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, honestly and integrity into its players AYS teaches their players to respect the game, hard work, and each other!With positive role modeling AYS provides an outlet of activity while building the confidence of each participant. Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, our little league program assists the youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, teamwork and physical well-being. The AYS little league baseball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes. Our core goal is to enrich the lives of our youth through their little league experience and to help create positive memories that will last a lifetime and transfer to success in all areas of life.Program Goals:1.Provide each player with the opportunity to learn, develop, and improve their baseball skills on a regular basis; overall to learn the fundamentals of the game.2.Provide each player with an atmosphere that encourages mental, social, and emotional maturity.3.Provide players with a character-building environment that will teach them to become positive contributing members of our society.4.Last but certainly not least we want the kids to have fun and enjoy their experience in youth baseball! Philosophy Statement:The Alameda Youth Sports Baseball club focuses on providing positive teaching strategies, affirmation, discipline and opportunities for correct repetitive practice to continuously improve our players’ skills. Our goal is to instill a strong sense of the fundamentals and understanding of game strategies. Developing double-goal athletes and coaches; where being competitive is the first goal but just as important is the goal of honoring the game. Providing an environment where players are taught life lessons on respecting the game, the team, and opponents. This double-goal culture begins with the Board of Directors and coaches and includes everyone from players, parents, officials and fans. Please join us in our mission to teach our youth these objectives.